Tuscany Maremma: guide to travel itinerary


Visit Tuscany Maremma is an unforgettable experience for those who have never visited Italy. Here is a guide to travel itinerary to visit the less known but certainly fascinating places.
In Tuscany Italian Maremma we suggest you to see the Cave streets that are about fifty, mostlyaround Sovana: a veryimportant pattern, whose lengths may be from a few hundred meters to over a kilometer, with deep points even 80 meters. They are very tight Рsometimes narrow just over a meter.

Along the way you can see medieval tabernacles sculpted in stone and Etruscan inscriptions, such as a swastika with an Etruscan inscription, a symbol of Veltha, the etruscanGod of being and becoming, of heaven and earth.

As far as origin is concerned, the Etruscan hypothesis is commonly accepted. As for the real purpose of these gorges, it is still a mystery. Unlikely that they were designed to convey rain water, as it would have been an unnecessarily laborious solution. Difficult, though not entirely illegitimate, they were thought to be a hidden escape route in the event of siege, though, because of their tight conformation, they are lousy for many people.

Another hypothesis, no doubt the most evocative, is that the Etruscans considered and developed these ways as a link to the kingdom of the dead. The place inspires mystery. The Via Cava di San Sebastiano, in Sovana, alreadyimpressesat the entrance, cut between two walls at least twenty meters. It is reached by going along the path leading to the Etruscan necropolis of the Siren.

For those who are fascinated by history and love to find new places to learn something interesting, our well-preservedNecropolis of Puntone suggests the onlyvisitable area in the area: these are Etruscan tumulus mammal structures, About twenty, dating to the period between the 7th and 5th centuries BC It may be worthwhile to visit them: if you are in Saturnia to visit the ancient thermal baths, it is very easy to reach Necropolis.

Another place in the Tuscany Maremma thatisworth noting is without a doubt Montemerano. This small village is a medieval village, alwaysnear Saturnia. The most important building is the church of San Giorgio, lined with the walls and the church itself and two chapels along the hips of the aisle: it houses the Madonna della Gattaiola (whosename is due to the circular opening at the bottom which allowed The passage of a cat), the Master of Montemerano, and the dossal of Ascension.


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