Here’s How to Save Big on Your Next Vacation to Manali

So, the Delhi heat has finally caught up with you, and you can’t stand one more minute in this city without thinking about the mountains? Worry not, you’re not alone. Just pack your bags, put on your shoes and head out to explore the breathtaking mountains and fresh air that is calling your name.

Reaching Manali

Most of the travellers kickstart their journey to Manali by reaching Delhi. Travelling from Delhi, you get a plethora of options on how to travel to Manali. You can drive, ride, take a cab or fly to the closest airport of Bhuntar. But the most time saving and the most pocket-friendly option is going by road on a Himachal Roadways Bus. These buses can even be booked online for more peace of mind. Taking the bus in the night and reaching your destination in the morning is always the best course of action.

Where to Stay

Once you reach Manali, there is no dearth of accommodation from which you can choose. But the best practice is to book online Manali hotels in advance, as they can fill up really fast in the season. Also, booking hotels online from top portals gives you the best bang for your buck giving you the most options to pick and choose from. For the most hassle-free and affordable stay, this is the way to go. Hotels in Manali, especially the ones in Vashisht have the most amazing views and also are very economical as compared to the ones in Old Manali. And this allows you to have best stay experience even when you are on a budget.

What To See

There is more than enough to do in Manali for every kind of tourist. But few things are a must, and most of them are completely free. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You can start your day by taking a stroll along the mall road which is main shopping street of Manali. It’s littered with countless small and large shops which sell a variety of stuff from hats to purses to ponchos and everything in between. And just around the corner from Mall Road, there is Nature Park which is a breathtaking forest littered with Himalayan Deodar trees. It’s one of the best-kept secrets of Manali, and you can get lost in the beauty of that place for a good while. And for the history buffs, the nearby attraction of Hidimba Delhi Temple which was built in the 15th century is a must visit just for the architecture alone.
What to Eat

Manali is one of those places where you can experience a true world cuisine in the fraction of the cost that you would pay anywhere else in the world. It’s mostly because there are people from all over the world who are settled here and call Manali their forever home. Try out some hippie cafes in Vashisht for breakfast as they serve some of the best breakfast food there is to eat. For lunch, one of the Spanish or Italian places of Old Manali should be your choice as they all offer food with a view. Most of these places are little joints operated by people with big hearts, and it shows in the food. Read a book, play some guitar or make a new friend, all of these Manali cafes let you explore the side of you that you’ve never been in touch with.

In conclusion, you can save big bucks on doing all the things that every tourist does by just being smart about it. Book online Manali hotelsbefore you plan your trip, look for a comfortable yet economical bus ride and enjoy all the beauty that nature must offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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