Fun Alternatives to Staying in Hotels

Many people struggle to find the perfect hotel, often due to location, availability and most importantly pricing. Hotels can be extremely expensive and for some people, not adventurous enough. If you’ve stayed in hotels before and are looking for somewhere different to stay, here’s some fun alternatives to hotels, perfect for both families and couples.


Cabins are perfect for nature lovers who love a bit of luxury. If you value your privacy but don’t want to be shut away, a cabin is a perfect option for you as they are often remote enough that you won’t have noisy neighbours, however are not completely shut away from civilization and are situated in beautiful places. Pet lovers will know that hotels rarely allow pets or charge extra to keep them, which makes cabins a great option if you want to take your dogs for walks around beautiful scenery, or can’t leave your pets at home. These beautiful temporary homes are available in some of the most beautiful locations all around the country, with cabins in northern Minnesota and Colorado, there are options for everyone and authentic experiences that will last a lifetime.


Another option for nature lovers is to stay in a good old-fashioned tent, letting you get even closer to the natural world. If you don’t mind self-catering, a lack of technology and the outdoor world, camping is a fantastic alternative. There are many wonderful experiences that you can gain through this accommodation that you can’t get from staying in catered hotels, such as star gazing. Sleeping in a tent may not sound appealing, however there are many variations in tents that you can buy, from the simple classic 2 sleeper tent to a family tent with multiple rooms. Every tent you buy will be weatherproof to protect you from any harsh weather conditions and any air bed will make the nights comfortable.


RVs are the perfect way to see many places and to stay in comfort and style. They are another kind of self-catering accommodation, however they are fully fitted with bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms to make a wonderfully comfortable portable home. Perfect for adventurers, RVs let you travel the country, so if you don’t want to stay in one place for too long, you can experience multiple locations and cities in one trip. This is also the perfect option for you if you want a longer trip than just a week away, as you can go on a road trip for multiple weeks with these mobile homes. As they are large, you can take the whole family for a vacation, and won’t have to pay for extra rooms. Kids will love the idea of a moving home and will enjoy seeing all the different beautiful natural sights that you can visit.

There are many ways to spice up your vacation and finding a unique place to stay that caters to your needs should definitely be a priority. Avoid pricey hotels but still enjoy luxury with these adventurous places to stay that’ll have you never wanting a hotel again.

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