Create your own fairytale wedding in Bali

Your wedding is just the beginning of the sweet love and affectionate story that will soon become older than the sea. It is a love affair that shall be overcoming many obstacles due to its solid and formidable foundation. The choice of the wedding destination is very crucial. It will either make or break the wedding itself. There is no doubt that a wedding is a romantic occasion that needs a romantic theme and setting. That is why you need to consider the venue wisely to sync with your wedding theme and honeymoon destination.

Bali is known for its uniqueness and greatness in showing much affection, and therefore it is a great idea to opt to solemnize your marriage in Bali. There are so many wedding venues in Bali, and it is not easy to choose the best one that suits your desire. This is where a wedding planner steps in to make everything easier. You can control all important aspects that you need for your wedding, while at the same time you can still able to do your routine activities.

Having a wedding planner at your side not just safe your energy and time, but also your budget. Most of the wedding agencies have good deals with hotels and restaurants as your wedding venue. Some of them even have direct access for airline tickets and honeymoon destinations. You can have your sunset wedding in a cliffside of Uluwatu and get your honeymoon in a completely different vibe of Ubud, or set up your wedding next to Ayung River and take your newly bride on the sand of Gili Islands. In terms of the food selection during the wedding party, Bali is an international destination to make sure you can get any kind of cuisines or types based on your request. Setting up all of this by yourself can be a pain, and even sometimes it creates more problems. A wedding planner makes it easier for you to make everything happen, whatever you want and how you want it to be. But, of course, it all depends on your budget.

Before planning a wedding in bali and hiring a wedding planner, you should do your homework. You can be fussy or picky about it. After all, wedding is one of the most treasured parts of anyone’s life. This is the moment when you want everything to be beautiful and perfect. By all means you can have it your own way! You can either browse the internet or ask your friends recommendation. Either way, the very first thing to do before choosing the most trusted one is by going through their portfolios and reviews. The Seven Agency is one of so many Bali-based wedding planners that you can consider in creating your best Bali dream’s wedding. They do everything from A to Z, just read the 100+ real reviews on their Facebook page.

Wedding is not just a simple ceremony with religious protocols to follow. It is about capturing the best moment of your life and embracing it with the loved one standing next to you. Wedding day is the day when you get the new meaning of life, and therefore every detail is intact thus perfecting every moment.


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