Don’t Travel To Dubai Until You Read This

Visiting Dubai for the first time doesn’t have to be a hassle especially with, tourist like you from around the world, troop into the city on a daily basis to get the feeling of what Dubai is like for the first time, while others keep coming back.

However, as you set foot into this beauty of a city, navigation and getting to your desired location becomes your primary concern.

Thankfully, Dubai is one of the few cities around the world that have a developed form of transportation from taxis, buses, monorail, trolley, tram, etc.

From your arrival at the airport, a pre-booked hotel like Palm Jumeirah can pick you up with a shuttle or fly you to their helipad at the hotel. If you are just a regular visitor, the taxis are affordable and can take you to anywhere in the city.

You also can feel the city and take a look at some beautiful skylines from Palm Jumeirah monorail as it passes through the elegant Atlantis hotel which leaves anyone with a breathtaking view of the hotel. Don’t filter when the train goes through the underwater tunnel or find out that the train is on autopilot to your destinations with only a few attendants in the monorail in case of emergency.

You can also choose to patronize the desert city first ever hydrogen powered trolley system, Dubai trolley. To avoid the traffic on the roads, travel 7km across downtown Dubai and experience the glow the city of Dubai brings to everything you have on you. It passes three stations that give you a view of the Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountain and much more.

The trolley is powered by hydrogen, therefore, has zero emission in an eco-friendly atmosphere. However, the trolley is a mass transit system that can contain as much as 50 passengers all fitted in an air conditioned environment.

One of the best forms of transportation in Dubai, the Dubai tram is the first Tram from outside of Europe to be powered by ground-based electric supply and the first in the world to have platform screen doors in the city.

Very compartmentalized, the trams run across 11 stations from; JBR 1, JBR 2, JLT, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Marina Towers, Mina Siyahi, Dubai Media City, Palm Jumeirah, Knowledge Village and Safouh. It takes up to 405 passengers with a particular package for students and children below five years all in a 40 minutes ride.

Well fitted and equipped for any form of accident and comfort the Tram is always a sure bet to get to your desired location with 10mins run during peak period and 12 mins run of peak time.

Various flights from across the world also have direct and connecting flights to Dubai. No wonder it is one of the fastest growing tourist attraction!

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