Things to do for Your Vacation You Haven’t Considered

Everyone knows how exciting a vacation can be and how much fun can be had, but vacations can get a little stale if you stick to a routine. It might be time for you to consider something outside your comfort zone. The following are a few ideas that may help you think outside the box for your next vacation.

Village in Ice

It might be an interesting idea to visit Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland. Those who are interested in something exotic may want to live like the Inuit in this region. You get all the wildlife you want, and you get to stay in the middle of Igloo Village. Yes, for the most part, you are going to be in a region that is pretty cold, but that is just part of its charm. You get to participate in dog sledding, visit some deserted villages nearby, and even try sleeping in the ice caves nearby. There is a lot to do and experience.

A Gnome-Themed Adventure

Those into fantasies might want to consider a little Amish farmland in the middle of Lancaster County, which is in Pennsylvania. The reason you want to consider this little area is because of the Gnome Countryside, which is a little place that tries to honor dwarfs and the legends surrounding the little guys. The people who come to this location can do all sorts of things like camping or hiking. Still, the thing that people love the most is the stories that are told by the people who stay at the Gnome Countryside. Fantasy is a big thing for some, and this is one way to enjoy that if you want.

Exotic Waterfall

There are certain places in the world that look like they belong in a dream, and St. Lucia is one of those areas. The volcano, islands, and some of its other natural attractions prove that considering the villas & vacation rentals in St. Lucia is a wise idea. Vacationing in this area will give you an opportunity to visit the waterfalls near the villas. The waterfall is quite majestic, and the journey there is breathtaking. There is no telling what kind of memories can be built by visiting this location, but it is definitely worth considering.

Creepy Island

There is always a group of people who are interested in the bizarre and the macabre. Those who feel inclined to visit a place that might make your skin crawl should consider the Island of the Dolls or the Isla de las Munecas, which is a little island right off Mexico City. The island has a lot of creepy dolls hanging off trees. Legend has it that a young child drowned in the nearby waters. A man who lived in the island found the dead child and was devastated. This man, Don Julian Santana, saw the little child’s doll floating atop the waters. He hanged this doll up as a reminder and to stop this tragedy from happening again. He continued to collect more dolls. Strangely, Don Santana also drowned in the waters near the island years later.

There is no doubt that some of these locations are quite exotic or strange, but no one should settle for something less than adventurous. Hopefully, these suggestions help those who are ready for an adventure.


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