Istanbul Old City with Mixed Cultures

When you are in Istanbul, you might be confused whether you are in Europe of Asia. The strategic location of this city stretches to Europe and Asia, and you will be able to enjoy the mix of cultural influences that the city has to offer. This is one of the oldest cities in the region and has so many historic attractions that you should make a point of visiting. Finding cheap flights to Istanbul is really easy to do, many internet websites will find you great deals on holidays and packages.

Foods to Try in Istanbul

Due to its location, this is considered to be the climax of different cultures. The various cultural influences are also visible in the food that Istanbul has to offer. The cuisines here are quite diverse, and when you are in the city, you should forget about fast foods.

You will want to experience the real Turkish experience in terms of the foods that are availed. Unfortunately, there so many different types of dishes you may not know where to start. Here are some of top dishes to try in Istanbul:

  • Menemen
  • Meze
  • KuyuKebabı
  • IskenderKebap
  • Adana Kebap
  • Baklava
  • Künefe

Main Attractions

There are so many things to do in Istanbul and various sights to visit. Some of the main attractions include:

Basilica Cistern

This is considered to be a romantic place that allows the public to learn about the system that used to bring drinking water from Thrace to Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace

This is a historic place and was home to sultans and their wives who were locked up in the harem. There are a number of artefacts that you will find in this palace and learn a whole lot about the various generations of sultans.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque has a number of interesting features that you should see. It was made in the 17th century and is one of the mosques that boast of having 6 towers. You will also find the tomb of Sultan Ahmed I in this most and learn the great history of the mosque and the neighbourhood.

Chora Church

The Chora Church is historical, and the walls of the church display the splendour of the region, and you will also notice the incredible mosaics on the ceilings and walls. The walls are believed to date as far back as the 5th century.


The hottest month in Istanbul is July with an average temperature of 74°F, while February is the coldest month, recording average temperatures of 42°F. January has the highest amount of rainfall and is also the wettest month. The best time to visit Istanbul is August when the temperatures are moderate.

There are countless attractions, versatile cuisines, great weather and so much more in Istanbul. You will definitely enjoy taking a trip to this great city that will give you a taste of the Asian and European cultures simultaneously.

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